Pathological study of ovarian tumors in Mosul


A case-series study was carried out in different Teaching Hospitals and private labs during ten months period from March 2004-January 2005 to present data on the relative frequency, histological types, age distribution and main presenting symptoms of various ovarian tumors. Tumors from 120 patients with ovarian tumors were studied. Benign tumors were more common (85.86%) than malignant ones (11.6%). Mean age group of benign tumors were around 31 years old, while malignant cancers were found in age around 47 years old. Pelvic pain and dysmenorrhea were the most common presenting symptoms in women with tumors. The surface epithelial tumors were the most common group (57.5%) followed by germ cell tumors (30%). The right ovary was more frequently involved than the left