Cesarean section rate in Mosul city during 2006


This study was conducted to determine the cesarean rate in Mosul City and to examine the related indications for Cesarean Section in comparison with international rates. A retrospective study was conducted in all maternity teaching hospital in Mosul City .data were obtained by reviewing the medical recodes for the period of 1st January to 31 December, 2006 in these hospitals. Form (99137) deliveries (12.5%) of them were Cesarean Section. Special formats were prepared by the investigators to collect the study information. These formats included of demographic characteristics of women such as (maternal age, parity, gestational age and the indication of Cesarean Section. The results were analyzed by using descriptive statistical methods. From (99137) deliveries (12.5%) of them were done by cesarean section. the mean maternal age was (34.8± 5.1) years, the mean parity was (4.4±2.1) and the mean gestational age was (38.1±0.1) weeks. In relation to the previous cesarean section, the showed was shows that the majority of Women (56.9%) had previous Cesarean Section. Also the study revealed that the main indications of cesarean section were repeated Cesarean Section and fetal abnormal presentation which constituted (28.8%) and (27.2%) respectively. As a conclusions and recommendations; The cesarean rate in Mosul City is acceptable when compared with others international rate .Policies, such as: active management of labor, maintenance of the skills required to supervise vaginal delivery when there is a breech presentation and better definition of deliveries in which fetal monitoring will be useful in the diagnosis of fetal distress; all will achieve acceptable cesarean section operation rate