The significance of the word (um) in the Noble Qur’an between lexical syntax and Qur’anic expression (a study of the pivotal significance)


The research identifies the Qur’anic text by examining its semantic use of the word (mother). This is based on a set of objective questions; Including: Do the Quranic contextual connotations meet with the central meaning of the word (um) for which the dictionaries books were founded, or not? Did all the secondary meanings come in the use of the Qur’anic expression for the derivatives of that word? Can we add new connotations contained in the Qur’anic expression that the linguistic lexicon has been silent about? As well as limiting the meanings of the derivatives of the word in the subject of the research; And that is by tracing the etymological meanings generated semanticly in the Qur’anic text from the central meaning, and linking them to the origin of the central meaning; and what this entails from the rise of the explanatory blog of its narrative, mental, and linguistic types; By invoking an objective linguistic criterion, the interpretation of the etymological meaning of the derivatives of the word (m) is close to the central meaning; And then the victory to an interpretation based on a linguistic authority that judges the Maqali and Maqam context of the Qur’anic text to extract the etymological link between the word (um) and its derivatives; By adopting the method of interpreting the Qur’an by the Qur’an, and the narrative method; The research is a serious attempt whose subject is the integrated relationship between the two sciences of interpretation and semantics, by shedding light on the semantic induction mechanism of the Qur’anic interpretation among the commentators, and the importance of the semantic rooting of the linguistic use of the word (um) in fulfilling the Qur’anic semantic purposes in its derivatives. presenting an integrated interpretation that combines the depth of lexical semantic thinking in linguistic derivatives, and the accuracy of the Quranic employment of linguistic word derivatives in Quranic expression; To show that the textual precision in the Qur’anic expression is subject to semantic linguistic controls that control the semantic diversity between the central meaning of the word’s derivatives in the origin of the situation and the meanings of its derivatives in the Qur’anic employment.