Effectiveness of a Training Program Based on the Schwartz Model in Developing Performance Efficiency among Teachers of Islamic Education.


The current research aims to identify the effectiveness of a training program based on the Schwartz model in developing performance efficiency among teachers of Islamic education. The researcher approved the design of the experimental group randomized selection with pre and posttest in order to know the effectiveness of the training program in developing performance efficiency the researcher prepared one tool to measure the variables of his research. The tool is the observation card form to evaluate the performance of Islamic education teachers and it consisted of (53) paragraphs that the researcher verified of their validity and stability after presenting them to a group of arbitrators. and after analyzing the results statistically, the researcher reached the following:1- The presence of a statistically significant difference at a significance level (0.05) between the mean scores of the experimental group teachers who studied using the training program before and after the experiment in the observation card.