(The Effect of the Crashing Waves Strategy on Developing Productive Thinking of Second-grade Students in the Middle School in Social Sciences)


Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the Master of the Messengers, our master Muhammad, upon him be the best of prayers and peace be upon him, who facilitated the matter of this research and its title: (The effect of the crashing waves strategy in developing productive thinking among second-grade students in the middle school in the subject of social studies). The researcher chose an experimental design with partial control for two groups, the first group is experimental and the second is control. The scale was prepared by the researcher and which was applied after the end of the three-month experiment. Salah Al-Din / for the academic year (2019-2020 AD).The sample consisted of (67) students, (7) students were excluded because they failed, and the final sample was (60) students, with (30) students in the experimental group whose students are taught by crashing waves (30) students who are taught in the usual way. The researcher rewarded the research groups in several variables (the chronological age of the students calculated in months, the grades of the previous year in the subject of history, the academic achievement of the parents, and the intelligence test). The researcher determined the scientific material that included the chapter (first, second, and third) of the social book to be taught to second-grade students in the average academic year (2019-2020)The researcher taught the two research groups himself, where he began teaching them on Wednesday 10/10/2019 and his experience with the research groups continued for two months, that is, a whole semester, which is the first semester of the academic year (2019-2020). At the end of the experiment, the researcher applied the Productive Thinking Scale to the students of the research groups on 12/12/2019.