Vaginal misoprostol as medical treatment for early pregnancy failure


To assess the efficacy, safety and acceptability of vaginal misoprostol treatment in womenwith early pregnancy failure. Prospective study in Tikrit Teaching Hospital. Ninety-six women ofless than 13weeks gestation who had been diagnose as having early fetal /embryonic demise,received (800Mg) vaginal misoprostol, this dose repeated after 24hours if expulsion of product ofconception not complete, surgical evacuation (curettage) performed in absence of completeevacuation after >3days following initial dose. Of 96 women, 76 (79.2%) had complete abortion,37 women of them after first dose and 39 women after second dose, 20 (20.8%) women were needsurgical evacuation by curettage. So, treatment of early pregnancy failure with misoprostolvaginally is safe and acceptable approach and it reduces need for curettage at expense of increasepain, vaginal bleeding and emergency evacuation (curettage).Key words : Pregnant women, Vaginal, Misoprostol.