Comparison of Prediction Programs for Short Wave Circuit Link from Iraq to Test points on Both Earth Hemispheres during Solar Minimum


This paper compares the accuracy of the HF propagation’s prediction programs for HF circuit links between Iraq and different points world wide during August 2018 when solar cycle 24 (start 2009 end 2020) was at minimal activity and also finds out the best communication mode used. Prediction programs like the Voice of America Coverage Analysis Program and the International Telecommunication Union Recommendation RS 533 had been used to generate high frequency circuit link parameters such as the Maximum Usable Frequency and Frequency of Transsmision. Depending on the predicted parameters (data), real radio contacts had been done using a radio transceiver from Icom model IC 7100 with 100W radiated power, tuner box and a homemade dipole antenna 10 meters in length and 8 meters in height above the ground. From the correlation between the predicted data and the observed data, the result was inaccurate.