Bladder tumor in Tikrit teaching hospital a review of 175 cases


A retrospective study involving 175 case of histopathologically diagnosed bladder tumor admitted to Tikrit Teaching hospital between January 1995 and December 2005. There were 136 male patients and 39 female Patients. The percentage of those patient from all the tumor patient – excluding hematological tumor- was found to be 14%. Bladder tumor was the most common solid tumor in male while it was the fourth in female. Patient over 80 years old were most commonly affected by bladder tumor (57 case ) while those below 40 years old were the least affected and there was no case reported with age below 20.
Ninety seven percent of patients harbored the transitional cell carcinoma while there was tow cases of adenocarcinoma 1% and three case of squamous cell carcinoma2%. Hematuria was the presenting symptom in 85% of these patient, other symptoms include Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms LUTS ( frequency, urgency, and dysuria), and symptoms of prostatism.
This study aimed to define the epidemiologic features of bladder tumors in Tikrit Teaching hospital.
Bladder tumor is one of the important tumors that could affect people so we urge fore more intention regarding the records and patient follow up and to isolate the record of malignancy in a separate unit in the hospital.
Key word : Bladder tumor , Epidemiolog