Evaluation of creatine kinase activity in Cerebrospinal fluid of normal individuals and patients with meningitis


Increased enzymes level in cerebrospinal fluid including creatine kinase have been reported to indicate tissue damage of the central nervous system. To evaluate creatine kinas, glucose level, and protein concentration activity, in CSF of patients with meningitis in comparison with their levels in healthy persons during the period from the 1st of January 2006 -1st of January 2007.
Twenty eight samples of CSF were collected; 10 samples represented the control group whose range between (1-13) years and 18 samples were represented the patients with meningitis group whose range between (1-10) years. Creatine kinase activity appeared significantly higher in patients with meningitis in comparison with normal individuals. It is also found that CSF protein is higher and CSF glucose is lower in infected than in the control group