Histopathological Effect of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in some Internal Organ Tissues of the Common carp (Cyprinus carpio L. 1758) in Tigris River- Baghdad City


During the period of one year 2012, a total of 150 fish samples were collected and examined from Tigris River in Al-Zaafaraniya Region before Diayla River in order to know the effects of petroleum hydrocarbons in some internal organ tissues of the examined fish. These fish belonged to (16) species, it all comes back to the cyprinidae. The histopathological examination included 55 samples from Common carp, the samplings of internal organs like (brain, intestine and ovary) from C. carpio were taken in order to examine histopathological changes and that appear there were many histopathological changes in the examine organs included neuronal shrinkage of neurons with chromatolysis of other, severe congestion and edema in cerebral tissues and severe mineralization in cerebral blood vessel walls. Also, severe destruction of epithelium muscular of intestinal villi, severe necrosis with congestion and mononuclear cells infiltration in submucosa layer and goblet cells hyperplasia. In ovaries, severe necrotic and degenerative changes, congestion between follicles. Some ovarian follicles showed thickness became abnormality irregular in shape and congestion in secondary follicles. The sampling of water from Tigris river in Al-Zaafaraniya region were analyzed and appear that the pollution 0.0674 mg/L.