Estimation of malondialdehyde as oxidative factor & glutathione as early detectors of hypertensive pregnant women


Gestational hypertension is characterized by the onset of hypertension after 20 weeks of gestation without any maternal or fetal features of preeclampsoia & occurs at about 6 % to 8% of pregnancies. The exact cause is not known. Oxidative stress describes the damage that occurs when reactive oxygen species (ROS) overwhelm the antioxidant defenses of the host. Oxidant stress may play an important role in the pathogenesis of hypertension in pregnancy & may be a final common pathway leading to tissue damage. A cross sectional study was conducted in Tikrit teaching hospital during the period from the beginning of September 2007 to the end of may 2008. There were 81 pregnant women participated in this study & were classified into 4 groups;-
1-Group 1: consists of 34 primigravida hypertensive pregnant.
2-Group 2: consists of 12 primigravida normotensive pregnant.
3-Group 3: consists of 27 multiparaus hypertensive pregnant women.
4-Group 4: consists of 8 multiparaus normotensive pregnant women.
The serum MDA level & serum glutathione (GSH) level for hypertensive pregnant women & normotensive pregnant women were measured. There are no significant differences between hypertensive pregnant women & normotensive pregnant regarding age, body weight, height & BMI. There was highly significant increase in serum level of MDA in hypertensive pregnant women. This is because MDA consider to be the most sensitive & final stage of peroxidation. In the present study, it was observed significant decreases in the activity of catalase represent by glutathione in hypertensive patients as compared with controls