The Effect of Learning on the Progressive Skill Scoring in Basketball of First Stage Students


The aim of this study was to find out the effect of using the mixture learning method for the skill of progressive scoreing. The sample was chosen in the deliberate manner of (30) students from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences / Al Mustansiriya University from the first stage. The researchers used the experimental approach (for the two equal groups), and the electronic learning units were used to display the skill accurately and enthusiastically. A field study began with an empirical study to determine the effect of learning on the skill of pregrissve scoring. Here the research problem focused on the lack of use of modern methods in general and especially in the game of basketball in education. Where the researchers resorted to the use of ways to break the monotony and help to learn the skill faster and more accurately and contributes to the focus of learning the skill of progressive pursuit and establish the skill in the mind of the learner correctly and long period. The researchers assumed differences statistically significant between the tribal and remote testing of the skill of progressive scoring basketball research members. In presenting and discussing the results, the researchers concluded that the educational curriculum used in the electronic learning units of the skill of progressive scoring has a positive and effective effect on learning. The researchers recommended the need for education and learn how to use electronic learning units, and interest in the use of modern technology in education for skills faster and for the collective sports events to diversify their skills.