Cultural criticism in the poetry of Maarouf Al-Rusafi


Cultural criticism is one of the literary phenomena that characterized modern Arab literature, asits appearance was coupled with modern literary renaissance, and it occupies a wide area in modernArab poetry.The most important thing that distinguishes this kind of poetry is the spirit of modernity, as itexpresses the suffering of people, its concerns after what was previously poetry captive to the past,and the tradition that makes it unrelated to its era.Cultural criticism is important for expressing the positives or exposing the negatives for themselves.Rather, it invests in the following considerations related to the vision of man and with himthe culture of those positives or negatives and the criterion for classifying them in this or that box.For this he seeks to present the possibilities available, and to discover the boundaries that producemeanings or receive connotations for practices in cultural contexts.The interest of cultural criticism is highlighted through the study procedures in which it usesmethods of induction, analysis and interpretation. It is worth noting that the field of cultural criticismintersects with the so-called cultural studies that include the study of elite, folk and subcultural