The Constitutional And Legal Basis For Distributive Justice In The Establishment Of The Imports Authority In Iraq


A lot of objections are raised by parliamentarians and politicians when discussing each federalbudget on the issue of distributing funds, as some see that there is unfairness to their governoratesand demand an increase in the proportion of financial allocations to those governorates. Others demandthat their percentage be specified within the budget items so as not to be manipulated later bythe decision makers in the federal government. However, these objections are often ignored, despitethe fact that they have a basis in the Iraqi constitution in force for the year 2005, This is what Article(106) of it indicated the necessity of establishing by law a public authority to monitor the allocationof federal revenues, which consists of experts of the federal government, the regions and governoratesand their representatives, and that one of its tasks: Verify the fair distribution of grants, aid andinternational loans according to the entitlement of regions and governorates that are not organized ina region, and optimal use and sharing of federal financial resources. As well as ensuring the principleof transparency and justice when allocating funds to the governments of regions or governorates thatare not organized in a region in accordance with the established ratios. The effective constitution of2005 also obligated the government to distribute its revenues in an equitable manner commensuratewith the population distribution in all parts of the country. What is more, conducting a general censusof the population is the basis for distributing wealth in the country, drawing development plans,evaluating their results, and setting correct plans for reconstruction to ensure a fair and equitabledistribution of resources according to the proportion of the population and in a manner that achievesthe principle of transparency and equal opportunities in a fair manner, away from sectarian and ethnicquotas and corruption in all its forms.Keywords: justice, distribution, authority, imports.