The Political Intermarriage in the Second Thousand Century BC. ( Egypt – Hittite - Mitanni )


Political intermarriage is an important subject worthy of study, as it was a popular method of strengthening treaties and alliances between the kingdoms of the ancient Near East. In the first axis, we shed light on the most important political developments in the ancient Middle East. In the second axis, we dealt with the Mittan-Egyptian relations, and the conflict that took place between them over the Levant, and then the rapprochement that took place due to the growing power of the Hittites, and that rapprochement led to the marriage of The kings of Egypt are the princesses of Mitaniyat. As for the third axis, it revolved around the Egyptian Hittite conflict, in which we talked about the Battle of Kadesh and its importance, and about the rapprochement that occurred between the two countries after that battle, which culminated in the Treaty of Kadesh, and then that treaty was reinforced by the marriage of the Egyptian King Rameses II to the daughter of King Hittite Khatoshilish III.In writing the research, we used a group of Arabic and Arabized sources. We also appended the research with a conclusion that included the most important results that were reached