The effect of exetcie with in the gymnasium on o2 blood ratio using H2o and with out it on advanced body building players


Has been noted by the researchers in the introduction of the research and its importance to the training of the players of building the bodies of applicants to the importance of access to the player building objects to the best level and the best achievement, here must take into account important aspects, including the functional and chemical variables affected by exercise in the gyms of bodybuilding players The importance of research in the identification of some functional and chemical variables because of its impact in several physiological and physical aspects because it is linked to the internal and external system of the body, and it was found that the problem of research lies in the lack of oxygen and non-compensation may Causing fatigue and fatigue to the player and also may cause other health problems As stated in some scientific sources that the lack of oxygen linked to health failure and increase also negative aspects, but the study focused on the lack of exercise and what may happen if not compensated and whether water compensates the loss of oxygen (O2 ) During the exercise.