Caution in the Context of the Hadiths of Transactions in Sahih al-Bukhari T (256 AH)


The issue of precautions, which is one of the science of meanings and one of the branches of expatiation, is of the issues concerned with the interpretation of what is meant by the speaker and the removal of the thumb for the listener, and the subject was applied to the hadiths of the Messenger limited to Sahih al-Bukhari, and the interpretation of the meaning by his saying and pushing the suspicion and suspicion of the listener. Where the research was titled “precautions in the Context of Transactions in Sahih Al-Bukhari”. Thus, the topic was addressed in two sections: The First Study: The Title of precautions in the Context of Selling, and the Second Study: The Title of precautions in the Context of Personal Status. In each topic, four examples of hadiths were dealt with, interpreting them with an explanation of the prudential witness in them.