Survey: (Blockchain-Based Solution for COVID-19 and Smart Contract Healthcare Certification)


The year 2020 has shown the quick spread and devastating effect of Coronavirus (COVID-19) onthe world economy, health, and human life. Combating the COVID-19 pandemic is crucial. Blockchain technologycan assist in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by assuring safe and reliable medical supplies, accurateidentification of virus hot spots, and establishing data provenance to verify genuine personal protective equipment thatis decentralized, reliable, traceable, and transparent. A major proportion of current healthcare systems are centralizedand are short on privacy and information necessary for the detection of fraud connected to the certification by theCOVID-19 vaccine. The quick vaccination rollout and the deployment of a global vaccination campaign are crucialand dependent on the availability of transparent and operational distribution chains, which may be audited by allthe necessary parties. Blockchain technology might also be used to assure transparent monitoring, storage, anddistribution of COVID19 vaccinations. Smart contracts are built for monitoring and tracking the proper circumstancesof vaccine distribution in comparison to safe handling of vaccine producers, informing all network peers. This studyaims to investigate the effectiveness of block chain and smart contracts in the health care system. The article presents amodel of the decentralized infrastructure of the health care system. The blockchain and intelligent contract technologyprovided has shown promising results. The proposed solution is economically feasible and ensures data integrity,security, transparency, and traceability. Future work aims to expand the functionalities of smart contracts and theblockchain technology.