Synthesis, Characterization and Study the Biological Activity ofnew Derivatives of 1,3- orazepine containing 1,2,4-Triazoloe ring


Compound l1l is prepared from Esterihcition of 4-Nitro benzoic acid. It has been reacted with
hydrazine to get compound [2]. 3,5-bis (4-Nitro phenyl)-4-amino -1 ,2,4-triazole [3] has been
synthesized by melting of 4-Nitro benzoic acid hydrizide to cretin temperature. The new series of Schiff bases Va-l have been syntheised by reacting compound t3l with different
benzaldehydes.. These derivatives shows ring closer reaction with phathalic anirydride to obtain
7,3- Oxazepine derivatives f5a-fl. The syntheised compound were characteriied by (IR,UV)
spectra, melting points the above reaction were follow.a Uy TLC. The biological activities are
str"rdied against four different kinds of bacteria