Control of the work of the administrative organ of the international criminal court.


The international community was really in urgent need to establish an international criminal court, with an administrative body capable of supporting the court, in confronting, prosecuting and prosecuting the perpetrators of international crimes, in accordance with the laws and basic principles of the court. In the court, and the Registry, which is entirely subject to the Presidency in terms of the hierarchy of power, and there is a supervisory body that was not mentioned in Article (34) of the Court’s statute as an organ of the Court, which is the Assembly of States Parties to which Article (112) is singled out for its statute. politician and his mission, Legislative and oversight. In the context of monitoring the work of the administrative apparatus of the International Criminal Court; It has established the Assembly of States Parties and according to its authority to establish whatever subsidiary bodies it desires; Independent Oversight Mechanism, the purpose of which is to provide effective oversight of the Court through its mandate of inspection and evaluation; At the request of the association or office, and to investigate on its own the communications received regarding suspected misconduct, gross misconduct, or unsatisfactory misconduct, contained in Articles (24, 25) of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence, relating to elected officials and employees and other court employees.