Molecular Imprinting: Fundamentals and Applications


Molecular imprinting technology (MIT) is the technology of composition ‎a molecular lock to match a molecular key that complementary to the ‎template in shape, size, positions and arrangement of the functional ‎groups . Molecular imprinting technology can be used as ideal materials ‎in various application fields ,such as solid-phase extraction (SPE), liquid ‎chromatography, capillary electro chromatography, binding assays and ‎biosensors. The aim of this review paper is to give a fundamental ‎description of the molecular imprinted polymer and to give the reader an ‎insight into the main developments in this technique , Particular emphasis ‎will be placed on their role as affinity materials in chemical/biological ‎sensing, separation science and drug delivery. This review described first ‎general aspects in MIP history and then dealing with various application ‎aspects.‎