Relationship between malondialdehyde activity (MDA) &Lipid Profile in Diabetic Patients


The current investigation was designed to seek for the relationship of
malondialdehyde (MDA) with the parameters of serum lipid profile in diabetes
mellitus. To achieve this purpose, 55 diabetics (l I IDDM patients and 44 NIDDM
patients) and 25 age matched healthy subjects were enrolled. lt was found that
significant (P<0.001) elevations of MDA, S.Tc, S.Tg, LDl-cholesterol and VLDLtriglycerides
in both types of diabetics when compared with those of the healthy
individuals.The correlation analysis established marked conelation of MDA with
S.Tc, STg, and LDl-cholesterol levels in two types of diabetics while VLDLtriglycerides
demonstrated obvious correlation with MDA in IDDM. The result
pointed out the interrelation ships of MDA with serum lipid profile in diabetes