serum Levels of sodium and Potassium in Patientswith Asthma on Salbutamol Therapy


A total of 150 patients with asthma on salbutamol therapy were included in this study
along with 90 apparently heahhy adult person (control group) were investigated for the
*"url*"*.nts of serum sodium and potassium levels. All patients and controls were
fasting when sampleds Sodium and potassiurn serum levels have been performed by
using flame photometer. A11 patients showed a normal serum sodiurn (mean 139.8
**oyl;*ttile the majority (73.4%) of the patients showed hypokalemia (mean 3.1
mmol,{-iwhen compared to control. This study showed that salbutamol have no
deteriorated effect on sodium, while it may reduce potassium levels in the majority of