The effect of date palm pollen & zinc sulphate in thetreatment of human male infertility.


This study was performed to determine the possible synergistic effects between zinc
sulphate & pollen of Date palm in the treatment of men infertility. Pollen powder was
packed as 500 mg iq capsules,. while zinc sulphate capsule was prepared by packing
100 mg of zinc sulphate with 400 mg glucose in gelatinous capsule. A combined
therapy used for treatment of 25 infertile men as one capsule for each patient twice
daily for 3 months. The treatment was significantly increased serum LH, FSH, &
testosterone levels. It was also, increased significantly sperm count & motility. Sexual
desire was also significantly increased. Wives of treated men got pregnancy during
the treatment period. Combined therapy of Date palm pollen & zinc sulphate cause no
biochemical & hematological toxicities.