Alterations of Serum Calcium, Phosphorus and AlkalinePhosphatase in Postmenopausal Women


ln the present study 3 biochemical parameters ( Calcium, Phosphorus and Alkaline
phosphatase) has been measured in blood of 1 1 1 apparently healthy volunteers
women, including 41 apparently healthy premenopausal women aged between ( 21-
42 ) years as a control group and 70 apparently healthy postmenopausal women ( the
menopause occur normally ) aged between ( 50- 69 ) years which divided into two
ug. gioupr. From the results it is found that there were a significant difference of*, phosphorus and alkaline phosphatase between postmenopausal
women groltp and control group also the current study showed that the serllm calcium
and phosphorus declines with age within postmenopausal women grollp, while the
mean value of alkaline phosphatase activity showed a significant increase with
increasing age in postmenopausal women group.