Distribution of development capabilities in the districts of Baghdad governorate


his research deals with the distribution of development capabilitiess in the governorate of Baghdad, where the spatial boundaries of the research were represented in the districts of the governorate of Baghdad for the year 2018, this research aims to determine the development capabilities of the districts after collecting data from their various sources and applying statistical methods to them with the aim of knowing their implications and the spatial relationships that bind them together with the aim of dividing Baghdad governorate is based on geographical regions based on these data and relying in that on the use of factor analysis through the programs of the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences spss, and then representing the resulting geographic regions on a map using GIS programs, and to achieve this, various activities and sectors data were adopted These include agriculture, industry, education, health, electricity produced and consumed, and services for the tourism sector. Four factors have been derived, called the following (regions with service capabilities, regions with economic capabilities, regions with agricultural capabilities, and regions with industrial capabilities), and a fifth factor has been concluded in the name (regions Multiple capabilities) combines capabilities factors A. For the previous four combined.