Personal interest in the Holy Quran (objective study)


Summary : Personal interests are considered one of the most important matters that the Holy Qur’an expressed about, because they express the satisfaction of their worldly desires, as they corrupt the earth as they are reformers. For the Muslims, it was apparent, and that they break the covenants they make to the Muslims, and turn away from the servants of the Muslims, so they are the ones who break the covenant of God, as well as explaining the tricks of the Sabbath owners, as they disobeyed God’s command in the matter of hunting, because God Almighty forbade them from hunting on the Sabbath and made this day for them to worship Only, and he made the rest of the days for hunting, and taking the unbelievers as allies for the sake of interest and because they possess power, money and wealth, as well as selling the brothers of Joseph (peace be upon him) at a cheap price for the sake of their interests, and this is a summary of what we have done in these page .