Effect of the Slenderness Ratio of Piles on Ultimate Lateral Resistance in Sandy Soil


This research presents the results of 14 tests, where the pile is subjected to staticlateral loads. The tests are carried out on pile models with different length /diameter ratios embedded in sand with different relative densities. The influenceof embedment length to diameter ratios (L/D), relative density and mode of failureof the pile on the ultimate lateral resistance of piles are investigated. A series ofdifferent ratios of embedded length to constant diameter ranging from 12 to 30was used to perform this study. From the results of the experimental models, it isfound that, the length to diameter ratio is a significant variable that influences theultimate resistance of the piles, where lateral static loads were employed to thesingle pile by a static lateral load using a device designed for this purpose, and dueto the static lateral load the pile was deflected. The ultimate lateral resistance of apile is investigated to specify the behavior of the pile under the effect of lateralloads as a rigid or flexible pile.