Measurement of 222Rn gas Concentrations and Radon Exhalation Rates in Some Cigarettes Tobacco Samples


Twelve cigarette tobacco samples of various brands and origins were gathered from local markets of Iraq. . The CRn was determined utilizing CR-39 track detectors which were exposed to the various brands of cigarettes tobacco for 45 days. The results demonstrated that the highest value of 222Rn concentration was )157 Bq/m3( in Macbeth cigarette sample of Brazilian origin and the lowest value of CRn was (76.3 Bq/m3 ( in Sumer cigarette sample of Iraqi origin,with an average value of (106.53±22.3 Bq/m3). The outcomes have demonstrated that cigarettes of a Brazilian origin contain higher CRn than other studied samples, however, it is still less than some other average values given in the literatures.Keywords: 222Rn, cigarette samples, (CR-39) detector, tobacco.