Effect of Steel Fiber Content on Properties of Fresh Self-compacting Geopolymer Concrete


Self-compacting geopolymer concrete (SCGPC) is a cutting-edge sustainableengineering material in construction that eliminates the need for both compactionand Portland cement. In this study, the impact of various steel fiber content onthe workability of SCGPC was investigated. The basic workability features offreshly made SCGPC, such as filling ability, passing ability, and segregationresistance, were assessed by employing slump flow, V-funnel, L-box, and J-ringtest techniques. Obtained results showed that all the investigated characteristicsof SCGPC have retreated due to the inclusion of steel fibers. Findings presentedin this research confirmed that the basic requirements of EFNARC could only besatisfied when Vf ≤ 1.0%.