Learning Evolution: a Survey


Learning is the process of gaining knowledge and implementing this knowledgeon behavior. The concept of learning is not strict to just human being, it expanded toinclude machine also. Now the machines can behave based on the gained knowledgelearned from the environment. The learning process is evolving in both human andmachine, to keep up with the technology in the world, the human learning evolvedinto micro-learning and the machine learning evolved to deep learning. In this paper,the evolution of learning is discussed as a formal survey accomplished with thefoundation of machine learning and its evolved version of learning which is deeplearning and micro-learning as a new learning technology can be implemented onhuman and machine learning. A procedural comparison is achieved to declare thepurpose of this survey, also a related discussion integrates the aim of this study.Finally a concluded points are illustrated as outcome which summarized thepractical evolution intervals of the machine learning different concepts.