Fast Fractal Technique using Modified Moment Features on Domain Blocks


In this research, a new technique is suggested to reduce the long time required bythe encoding process by using modified moment features on domain blocks. Themodified moment features were used in accelerating the matching step of theIterated Function System (IFS). The main disadvantage facing the fractal imagecompression (FIC) method is the over-long encoding time needed for checking alldomain blocks and choosing the least error to get the best matched domain for eachblock of ranges. In this paper, we develop a method that can reduce the encodingtime of FIC by reducing the size of the domain pool based on the moment featuresof domain blocks, followed by a comparison with threshold (the selected thresholdbased on experience is 0.0001). The experiment was conducted on three images withsize of 512x512 pixel, resolution of 8 bits/pixel, and different block size (4x4, 8x8and, 16x16 pixels). The resulted encoding time (ET) values achieved by theproposed method were 41.53, 39.06, and 38.16 sec, respectively, for boat , butterfly,and house images of block size 4x4 pixel. These values were compared with thoseobtained by the traditional algorithm for the same images with the same block size,which were 1073.85, 1102.66, and 1084.92 sec, respectively. The results imply thatthe proposed algorithm could remarkably reduce the ET of the images in comparisonwith the traditional algorithm.