Freedom of the Will in Thomas Aquinas and John Dennis Scott


This research deals with the problem of freedom of will between St. Thomas Aquinas and John Dennis Scott. It is known that this problem has a history in religious thought in general, and the fathers of the Church, most notably St. Augustine, have taken care of it, who believes that this world is not subject to a blind destiny. Everything is subject to the will of God as the ruler and ruler of the universe.Aquinas pointed out that God created creatures with a free will and without any natural necessity. Man is a willing and chosen being, and that freedom is based on awareness. Man is free and has a choice. His actions are by reason and will. And the will follows the mind.John Dennis Scott believes that God and man are an expression of will, and that the first characteristic of the will is freedom, and therefore God is free in his judgments. It is related to the divine faith and human science.. the will directs the mind towards its activities of knowledge to the moment of creation and freedom.


Freedom, will, mind, choice