The sunlight mainly affected the development of this life on the surface of the globe, most people love and enjoy the sunlight and its warmth, but fear its harmful effects from sunburn and long-term damage to the skin due to excessive exposure to the sun, and thus people began to seek for protection from the sun's rays. To avoid the pain of sunburn and its harmful effects, and since the internal workers are protected from the sun's rays, outdoor workers are more exposed to ultraviolet rays and are more exposed to adverse consequences from the effects on the eyes and skin, although most of the body is protected by clothing, it is not sufficient, the size of the risks depends. On the skin and the increase in skin cancer incidence based on several factors, climatic factors or according to the sensitivity of the personality to ultraviolet rays, this is wholly related to personal habits related to sunlight. This research paper measured ultraviolet rays on Baghdad's outdoor workers, although temperature and UV index. At the beginning of November 2020, the results showed that exposure to ultraviolet rays is significantly related to temperature, UV index, and cloud cover, where P-vale is less than 0.001. Farther more, there is increased exposure to UVB as well as UVA.