Psoriasis Treatment by Using Narrowband-UVB Phototherapy


Ultraviolet light radiation is applied to treat Plaque Psoriasis disease by targeted phototherapy. This is available through Narrowband-UVB light radiation devices peaked at wavelength 311 nm. Ten cases were chosen as a study group, 8 males aged 22-40 years old, and 2 females aged 25 and 32 years old who were exposed to ultraviolet light radiation. Their recovery or improvement was followed weekly. Different doses were used according to the severity of the lesion and as a trial for the outcome. The dose was given two times a week, starting with 200mJ/cm2, and subsequently increased by 100 or 200 mJ/cm2 reaching a maximum dose as tolerated by each individual patient. Improvement was observed after 4 – 6 weeks. The patient stays in the treatment cabinet for a few seconds to several minutes according to the individual case which depends on the area of the body being treated. Treatment was stopped for two patients due to in toleration to the recommended dose. It was observed that good treatment results were obtained for the other 8 patients. The recovery rate from the disease was in the range of 50-100%. This is depending on the duration of the occurrence of the disease and the reduction of the size of the affected area on the skin for each individual patient after treatment.