Resistance Capacity of Inclined Anchored Pile Group to Lateral Load in Sandy Soil


This study was conducted to investigate the lateral behavior of inclined anchored pile group by using (3 pile) model embedded in sandy soil by relative density 65% under lateral static load. The distances used between the piles are 60 mm which represents (3) Dh (helix diameter), noting that the diameter of the pile is 10 mm. The types of piles used are three types, and they are a pile with a single helix, a pile with a double helix and a pile without a helix (ordinary pile), noting that the depth embedded in the soil of piles (L/d) 330 mm. The angles of inclination used in this study are (5°, 10°, 15°). The results showed that increasing the angle of inclination of the pile leads to a higher amplitude of the lateral resistance of the pile group, the side resistance of pile with a single helix increase to about (9% and 18%) upon inclination angle increase from 5° to (10°,15°) respectively. While piles with double and single helix in the groups in same angle of inclination which is (10°) increases the lateral resistance from ordinary pile (pile without helix) about 24% and 19% respectively.