Effectiveness of an Educational Program on Nurses’ knowledge about using Physiotherapy for Children with Pneumonia at Pediatric Hospitals in Babylon


Background: Physiotherapy is considered to aid in the removal of inflammatory exudates, tracheobronchial secretions, and airway blockages, as well as the reduction of airway resistance, in order to promote breathing and gas exchange. Aims of the study: This study aimed to evaluate effectiveness of educational program on improve nurses knowledge about using physiotherapy to remove sputum for children with pneumonia. Methodology: A pre–experimental design used in the present study with application of a (pre-test/ post-test I, post-test II), approach for the study group (One group), the study was carried out from 10th January 2021 to 27th June 2021 on nurses working at children's hospitals in Babylon. By using non probability sampling (purposive sample), the data collection process uses the self-administrating technique in which the nurse fills the questionnaire form by themselves; and analyzed through the descriptive and inferential statistic. Results: Results showed a highly significant differences at P<0.01 toward effect of program through raising knowledge grades of studied respondents at the post1 period, and that could be enable confirms importance and successfulness of applying a proposed program. Conclusion: Educational program had a positive impact in the improvement of the nurses knowledge about using Physiotherapy for Children with Pneumonia, where the results of pre-test (42%), post-test 1 (80%), and post-test 2 (78%). Recommendations: The educational lectures and courses should be regularly done and updated for nurses' knowledge about using Physiotherapy for Children with Pneumonia.