Scenarios of Climate Change in Iraq Up to 2050


The problem of climate change is one of the most prominent and most important problems that have received wide international attention in recent decades. Hence, from this perspective, the related studies and researches have taken their way in explaining the reasons that led to the exacerbation of this problem, and these reasons are divided into two categories: natural reasons produced by the formative factors of the Earth and its position with respect to the global system, and humanity reasons caused by the great increase and development in the use of fossil energy, especially in the field of industry. This led to the increase in greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere and the emergence of global warming that led to a noticeable change in the rates of rain and temperatures on the planet. These changes appeared clearly in Iraq through data extrapolation provided by the climatic stations distributed geographically throughout the country, which indicated a rise in temperatures compared to the decades preceding the emergence of global warming and a significant decrease in the rates of rain. So, this led to the fluctuation of temperatures and rates of rainfall at the present time around rates different from what they were previously.