Hadiths while answering to the doubts of Menhaj Alsunnah


Abstract:-One of the features that the followers of Imams believe in it is the knowledge of Imams. This feature has an important place among the qualifications that Imams should have.The Shia followers were trying to prove, clarify and specify the features of Imams, the idea and disagreement among the Islamic scholars. Hadiths are among (انا مدينه العلم and (اقضاكم علي)The most important narrational reasons in approving that imams are the most learned people.Menhaj Alsunnah written by Ibn Teimiyah is the most famous book which criticized Shia′ idea about Imams′ knowledge especially imam Ali′knowledge who is known as the most learned person.This book has received too much attention from Shia adversaries in the following courses. After surveying and assessing the problems of Menhaj Alsunnah in these three hadiths, it specified that these hadiths were told by the prophet in order to prove that Imam Ali is the most learned one and they were approved by companions and followers and they were narrated through different ways.None of the companions even Maaz Ibn Jabal was considered as the most learned person by Islamic scholars.Not only the knowledge of Imam Ali but also his innocence was proved by the (Iam the city of science) hadith and companions′ missions couldn’t have considered as an implication on being the most learned one however the authenticity of some missions mentioned to some companions should have regarded. This research surveyed the doubts under the narrational and speech views.Key words: Imam Ali (peace be upon him), the knowledge of Imam, Menhaj Alsunnah, hadyth 'aqddakum eali, hadyth 'ana madynat aleilm.