The Design Structure of logos Designed by the Arabic Calligraphy


Logos, in general, represent an important means of communication. Logos designed by the Arabic calligraphy is one of the most important types of design, as it is customary in most peoples of the world to use the vocabulary of their language and the shapes and symbols of their lines as important elements in the design of their logos as indicative signs to convey ideas and meanings. The logos designed in Arabic calligraphy formed a visual reality, and no one could obscure their presence or ignore their importance. This section of the logos did not have adequate luck to study it, the researcher determined his study, and he identified his problem with the following question: What is the design structure of logos designed in Arabic calligraphy, and the researcher has determined the study of designs for the International Design House? The second chapter, included the theoretical framework, and it contained three basic sections, so the first section was the philosophy of the logo and the second was Arabic calligraphy, a visual plastic art. His research and his intentional selection of the research samples, which amounted to (5) five models, which were analyzed by criticism and interpretation.The fourth chapter included the results of the research; from which it came: The design structure of logos designed in Arabic calligraphy, when geometric shapes are taken as a basis for their compositional construction, the Kufic fonts and the like are the ones who perform this task, while the structure adopts free systems in its forms using flexible Arabic fonts such as Al-Diwani and the Thuluth, or the designer deliberately pairs static lines Moving in that structure, then the researcher put some recommendations that continue with the results and strive to mention many proposals.