Fuzzy Wavenet (FWN) classifier for medical images


The combination of wavelet theory and neural networks has lead to the development of wavelet networks. Wavelet networks are feed-forward neural networks using wavelets as activation function. Wavelets networks have been used in classification and identification problems with some success.
In this work we proposed a fuzzy wavenet network (FWN), which learns by common back-propagation algorithm to classify medical images. The library of medical image has been analyzed, first. Second, Two experimental tables’ rules provide an excellent opportunity to test the ability of fuzzy wavenet network due to the high level of information variability often experienced with this type of images.
We have known that the wavelet transformation is more accurate in small dimension problem. But image processing is large dimension problem then we used neural network. Results are presented on the application on the three layer fuzzy wavenet to vision system. They demonstrate a considerable improvement in performance by proposed two table’s rule for fuzzy and deterministic dilation and translation in wavelet transformation techniques.