Developing the Whistleblowing Mechanism for ‎Improving the Quality of Security Decision-making An Exploratory research in Family and Child protection ‎police Department from Domestic violence and the ‎societal Police Department at the Iraqi Ministry of ‎Interior


The aim of this study is to research the mechanisms of an ‎effective whistleblowing in the security sector for the purpose of ‎development. The study adopted the quantitative research ‎method that is complementary to the exploratory research ‎supported by the descriptive research method in the accreditation ‎of interviewing to reinforce the study problem. The study showed ‎that there is an important influence relationship between ‎‎(whistleblowing) as an independent variable and the quality of ‎security decision-making as a dependent variable‏.‏There is a problem in the intention of individuals to do ‎whistleblowing for various reasons, including social, moral, ‎security and other obstacles that affect the making of quality ‎decisions by officials or police officers due to lack of ‎information.‎The study came out with many conclusions, the most important of ‎which was the warning of whistleblowing for the sake of the ‎public interest works to improve the quality of security decision-‎making because it has positive supportive mechanisms for ‎society that positively affect all members of society by improving ‎security systems inside and outside organizations