The legal concept of corporate merging (Comparative study)


The company comes to an end at the request of thepartners before the expiry of the deadline if they decideto merge it in another existing company. The mergingof companies “fusion de sociétés” is aegal term with adistinct meaning indicating that a company incrporatesa company or several other companies or to form mergestwo or more companies and new company .Consolidation occurs in one of two ways: the mergingof an annexation (annéxion) which means annihilation ofone or more companies in another or the merging of two ormore companies and the establishment of a new company towhich the financial assets of the annihilated companies aretransferred .At least one of which is the merged company and may alsolead to their extinction and the creation of a new legal entity.This is in the case of merging by mixing. Incorporation isconsidered to be a reason for the company to disappear,in addition to changing its legal form and transfer of herfinancial assets to another company.The legal concept of corporate merging