Classification and tabulation of texts and articles

Journal Of Ma'aen
2020, Volume , Issue 6, Pages 330/ EN11-344/ EN 1


The problems associated with the traditional manual work in sorting and classifying articles or books prepared for publication and revising them in institutions that are interested in publishing and printing are tiring work tainted with many errors. So we created an electronic system that performs classification and tabulation of articles and texts based on the principle of its work using Visual Basic 13 and a database consisting of several Clear and simple graphical tables and interfaces. Commands, and sequential lists show all the commands contained in the program by analyzing the text and comparing it with special dictionaries for each class, calculating the number of words that resemble the class, making a statistical comparison for each class. It then determines the class result for the text and then extracts the words that did not exist in the dictionary in order to add it to the same dictionary in order to give more accurate results in the future, as well as replacing and blocking unauthorized words