The effect of systems thinking on increasing regulatory immunity: An exploratory study of the opinions of a sample of officials in the Iraqi Drilling Company


Abstract The Research aims to investigate the effect of systems thinking on increasing Organizational Immunity, To achieve this, a hypothesis model has been developed that consists of one main hypothesis and a number of sub-hypotheses, It underwent numerous tests to ensure its authenticity. The researcher used the descriptive analytical method, In addition to (Curriculum-Based Research& Meta-Analysis), which is a modern technology that allows researchers to mix research results in which different branches and sciences are intertwined (such as business administration and biological sciences). The study used the comprehensive inventory method of the study community and the questionnaire tool in obtaining data and information. The data were analyzed and hypotheses were tested by the SPSS25 statistical program and SMART PLS3. The results of the test revealed that there is a positive effect between systemic thinking and organizational immunity, according to which a number of conclusions and recommendations were formulated.