Spatial analysis of poultry breeding fields in Karbala governorate


The study of poultry breeding fields is one of the important topics that researchers should pay attention to studying and evaluating, because this activity is one of the main agricultural activities for the population, because poultry products (meat, eggs) have become nutritionally important to people’s lives because they contain nutrients necessary for the human body, Moreover, considering that its products are white meat, which is healthier for humans than red meat, which has increased the desire of more than half of the world’s population for these products, it has also become of great economic importance for all countries of the world in general and Karbala governorate in particular,In addition, the lack of geographical research that dealt with the study of the fields of breeding and production of poultry, so the aim of the research was the contrast of the fields of poultry breeding in the province of Karbala and the study of the natural, human and life factors that affect this agricultural activity. in the province,The second topic came about the geographical factors affecting the fields of poultry farming, while the third topic came in the study of the most important problems facing this agricultural activity, and from these results the clear discrepancy in the fields of poultry farming for the administrative units, where the first place is Al-Hussainiya district of the number of fields and the last is Ain Al-Tamr district of the study area. As well as the natural, human and life factors affecting the fields of poultry farming that have been studied and analyzed during the research to determine or limit the most influential factors on the development and development of this activity, and the research concluded with a set of conclusions and suggestions that were reached by the research. تعد دراسة حقول تربي