Content Argumentation and Memory Processing in the Poetic Products of Maghout (An Approach to Delineate the Artistic Moment of the Free Verse)


The poetical text of the poet Muhammad Al-Maghout has always been keen to demonstrate the harmony between his poetic visions and its contents and to merge its exterior and interior structures that signify the features of the absent identity . Such reveals the process of meaning through the production of the significance in a text that seeks for the multiplicity of intellectual and epistemological discourses. The main references are abundant in its movement, using the centrality of memory to shape the scriptural horizon as well as employing vital, human and national data to enhance them with artistic experiences rich in intellectual and cognitive backgrounds of poetic texts. The poet keeps a set of visions employed in artworks of his creativity. Almost always the poet finds himself shackled to these memories, he is used to the state of oppression that prevails in the country , or rather he lingers with his fellow people sharing the calamity with them and groaning under the duress of such injustice . He is not too vulnerable to confront the oppressor or he is to comply with , he is not to consent to be isolated , he chooses to be highly distinguished to suppress usurpation and rejects being marginalized and self-effaced . He is best in concealing the potential , sometimes it appears for discussion and sometimes it turns to be a confrontation .