Effect of local thermal non-equilibrium on the onset of convection in an anisotropic bidispersive porous layer


The onset of thermal convection of a fluid saturated anisotropic bidisperse porous mediumunder the condition of local thermal non-equilibrium is investigated. We have studied thecase of flow in the macropores and micropores when the porous materials are of Darcy type.The temperatures in the macropores and micropores are allowed to be different. Weconcentrate our attention on the state of a permeability tensor is transversely isotropic withthe isotropy axis in the vertical direction of gravity and the permeability ratios of vertical tohorizontal are different in the macropores and micropores . The effect of various parameterson the stationary convection is discussed. In particular the effects of macro permeabilities, themicro permeabilities, the measure between the permeability in the macro phase and microphase , and various interaction parameters on the stationary convection are studied. Thenumerical results are presented for free-free boundary conditions.