Hydrogeomorphological sStudy of Wadi Al-Khanga Basin in the Badia of Al-Muthanna Governorate Using Modern Geographical Techniques.


The study aims to use modern geographic techniques to reveal the morphometric and hydrological characteristics of the Wadi al-Khanga basin, which is one of the basins located within the Muthanna Governorate within the southern Badia of Iraq. The gradual rise and fall of the torrential flow as well as the strength of the torrential waters.The study relied on the analysis of the study area visuals and the digital elevation model and the use of the Are map 9.10 program. The area of the basin was (155.4) km2, with a slope difference of 150 m above sea level between the sources of the upper basin and an estuary, which made this difference that the basin water drifts towards the sedimentary plain Towards the depression of the solids as a result of the regression factor, and by analyzing the morphometric characteristics of the basin, the basin was taken as close as possible to the rectangular shape of its approach. The research also included the analysis of the hydrological characteristics of the basin, including the concentration time and the slowdown time, as well as the extraction of CN values, which ranged between (30-81), which indicates the solidity of the basin lands and the lack of water seepage inward, which indicates an increase in surface runof