Optimization alkaline leaching of silicon element from bauxite ore


The effect of alkaline leaching on the recovery of silicon element from the Iraqi Bauxite Ore. was examined NaOH concentration, particle size, and stirring speed using the program MINITAB 16. NaOH concentration (X1) (1,2, and 4M), particle size (X2) (53,75, and 150μm), and stirring speed (X3) (250,500, and 750 rpm). The best recovery percentage was found to be (94.1097) when the variables were (X2= 53μM), (X1 = 4M), and (X3=750 rpm). The NaOH concentration (X1), particle size (X2), and stirring speed (X3) have a substantial influence on the process of recovery. However, NaOH concentration (X1) and particle size (X2) have a significant effect compared with the stirring speed (X3) on the recovery process.